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The Capcom Kingpin pinball machine
remake / production information.

As of October 26, 2011 there is supposed to be a new flyer
circulating. Im trying to get a copy of it to post.  Gene is still accepting letters of interest from prospective buyers, and any
of the below flyers should suffice.  Ive heard that the final pre-production hurdle could be fully resolved within 4-5 weeks
and requests for deposit could go out in 6-8 weeks, with a 2-3 week deadline from that date. I heard a rumor that the price was back
up to $8,000, with a $500 discount for original BBB buyers as
listed in the July 19, 2008 flyer.

Below is a scan of the letter that Gene mailed out June 24, 2010.
As of October 28, 2010 Gene is still accepting Letters of Interest,
so feel free to print the below image and send in.

Here is a scan of the letter that Gene mailed out in late May of 2010.

Here is a scan of the letter that Gene mailed out on July 19, 2008.

The pictures in the above letter appear to be of a mock-up of Kingpin that Gene has been working on.  I believe that the cabinet, head and backglass art have all been hand painted to resemble & represent the original Kingpin art package. I believe that Gene is considering replacing the ball launch button with a gun-grip ball launch as depicted in the above pictures.

It is believed that Capcom made nine prototypes of Kingpin before closing the pinball division in 1997. Eight should still exist as one is said to have been destroyed in a fire that also claimed one of the original prototype Big Bang Bars. Gene wants to put Kingpin into production like he did Big Bang Bar. Gene made approximately 199 BBBs, most of which were sold for the pre-agreed price of $4,500 - which according to the information above represents a loss of about $2,800 per machine.

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